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Nice that you are a part of our community!
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Post by Lumiatic » Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:27 pm

Dear friends of the Lumias,

It is nice that you have found your way into our forum. We are an ever-expanding community engaged in breathing new life into the last Lumia flagships.

On our page you will find useful tips, instructions and assistance. If you can't get ahead at one point, our troubleshooting could help you. A glance at the FAQ is generally helpful.

Please note that the forum is still under construction. As a result, it may still be incomplete in some places.

We also expressly advise you that any changes to your device will be made at your own risk. So read the instructions thoroughly before you get to work. If in doubt, better ask again beforehand.

But now enough of the words: We wish you a lot of fun in our community!

Your team from
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