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Windows 11 on my PC?

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Windows 11 on my PC?

Post by Spektra » Wed Jan 05, 2022 10:34 am

Since this is an ARM forum, I am probably not in the right place for this but I have discovered that Windows 11 will apparently not run on my PC. My PC is a Dell Precision 5810 tower with an 8 core Xeon processor, 32Gb RAM, TPS 2.0 and a reasonable although not very recent NVIDIA graphics card. The machine is just about less than 5 years old. Its a business machine rather than gaming setup so the fastest graphics are not that important. I am reasonably confident that Windows 11 ought to run on this machine because the Windows 11 Beta runs perfectly well on it even in a virtual machine, even if it boots up rather slower than Windows 10. The Beta has even received several updates including a major one recently and continues to run just fine. However, when I try to install the full release of Windows 11 I am met with a message telling me that Windows 11 cannot be installed due to hardware incompatibility and I am unable to proceed with the installation. Since the Beta runs just fine, I seems that this message is somewhat arbitrary I was wondering whether it can be bypassed somehow?

If this is not the correct form to ask about customisation of the installer, then could someone please direct me to the correct place to get further advice.

Thank you.
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