Touch support not enabled on initial boot after deployment

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Touch support not enabled on initial boot after deployment

Post by KurdtNervanna » Sun Jul 11, 2021 5:42 am

I am able to deploy the Windows 10 the image just fine on the Lunia 950 (talkman) with the latest arm x64 2H2*. When I copy the dev menu and boot loader everything seems to work fine. When I do my initial start up to then do my first “first time setup”
Of the operating system where I can create an account and enter my wifi password etc. I am stuck on the very first screen where it is asking my language. The phone does not recognize any of my touch inputs. I have redeployed the operating system multiple times now and the same thing happens. On the very first screen after the initial boot I am unable to click “next” to save my language preference and continue on with the rest of the setup process. All logs show correct installation and injection of all the drivers (except the camera driver which is normal). I’ve even tried external mice and other pointer devices. Nothing works. I have gotten it to work once before , but I do not know what made that time different than the time when touch support doesn’t work. (I also have this same issue for windows 11 when I install windows 11 arm x64). Also side note. I have only been able to deploy a compact install or the deployment will fail. Does anyone know why that is?

Thanks any help figuring out this touch support permanently would be much appreciated.

P.s. I made a win 10 deployment with the drivers for Likia 950 (talkman) integrated into the WIM file. Can I deploy that image without having to inject drivers at the end?
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