Some bugs or suggestions

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Some bugs or suggestions

Post by Catfish78 » Sun Mar 07, 2021 3:07 pm


with driver 2103.6 and newest Insider 21327 on 950 XL the OS seems just more stable. Great!

After setup finished, there were some mysterios mousepointer issues while using a real mouse and keyboard with the dock, when it points on opened parts on the desktop. Not everywhere.

Using an app from the MS store, "Meine Mediatheken", and trying to watch in upright mode on the screen, the video stops... while i am tapping rhythmical on the touchscreen, the video runs. In landscape mode no issue, until opening the fullscreen mode... then everything wents black, after the player buttons fade out. The last one could be a driver issue (it's ok), but why this tapping-and-watching problem :-) ?

A third thing i was trying but did fail. Updating the driver with the new tool seems to work fine, but after restart windows doesn't respond to anything - i've tried three times to update on different installations and two older driver versions. The script ends up just fine.

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