Need help on how to Extract Drivers from FFU

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Need help on how to Extract Drivers from FFU

Post by Mrfloaty » Sat May 09, 2020 10:05 am

I hope someone can assist me, I am struggling to find the Info online..
Basically after setting up WoA on my 950 XL I saw that windows RT managed to run in a 520..

I have all the files needed but I am stuck at extracting the BSP? drivers from the Windows Phone 8.1 FFU..

I am aware that I need the DSP and ESPEFI folders in C:, drivers from System32/Drivers folder and the Registry Drivers..
But how do I convert the Registry keys to an installable INF?

Or can I use the Lumia BSP Extractor on WoA Project github?

Many thanks!
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