Specific bluetooth functionality given? — for WiiMote pairing

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Specific bluetooth functionality given? — for WiiMote pairing

Post by Csybormelgen » Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:23 pm

Guys, this project is f****ng amazing 🤓 THX

Can't wait to install WoA on the Lumia 950 XL, I just purchased. However, I'm afraid, I only have the (monetary) ressources to keep the device (by that being able to unlock the bootloader) under the condition that I would get my Nintendo Wii Controller (WiiMote) successfully paired.

Sure, probably you guys don't own a WiiMote —do you? 🤩— but there would be another test, you could do for me, increasing my confidence. So there is a common problem with pairing the WiiMote related to the issue, that the device is asked for its Bluetooth PIN; which doesn't exist!:o
There is one workaround which works proper for my non-ARM-desktop-PC device with Windows 10. Which can be found at: Can't Connect Wii Motion Plus Remote on Windows 10 [...].
However, for example for Windows 10 Mobile there seems not to be a solution. E.g. see this (german) discussion.

The workaround/solution is in short to use the bluetooth tray’s option 'Join a Personal Area Network' and choosing there the button 'Add a Bluetooth device'. This one comes with the option to ignore the PIN request by just clicking 'Next'.
So, could one of you just check for me, if this option exists in Windows ARM and to skip a Bluetooth PIN seems to work proper at Lumia/WoA?
Sure, if you could test this with a WiiMote would be even greater — but a general, successful test may already convince me...

Thank you very much! Hope I will be able to support this promising project
with own (code) contributions or at least
with scrambling up some money for donation, which it very much earns
(especially when I'll be able to mount a WiiMote ^^)...

Keep goin’
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