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Post by SuperJMN » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:14 pm

My battery doesn't charge. Is it normal?
- Yes, it is. We are having issues this and trying to fix it. The only workaround for now is to enable dual boot and charge inside Windows 10 Mobile or to get a wireless charger.

Can I update Windows 10 Mobile / WOA?
- No, you cannot. The updates won't work after you have unlocked the bootloader.

I don't see any Boot Menu after deploying Windows
This is a known issue when your phone is using the latest version of Windows 10 Phone. The boot menu won't be visible, but it will be there. If you want to switch to Mass Storage Mode you will have to do it blindly: press [Volume Down] and [Camera] (twice) and it will be activated.
The only workaround to make the boot menu visible again is to enable Dual Boot using WoA Installer.

My device reboots while the phone is idle inside WOA.
- It's a known problem. Working on it.

When is the 950 (non-XL) going to get Wi-Fi, GPU, USB-C...?
- We don't know. We're already doing our best to make them work. Unfortunately, the 950 and the 950 XL have different components that require extra work and the 950 XL took the lead since it's the most powerful of the 2.

Can I update the drivers without a full reinstallation of WoA?
- Short answer: No. Most of drivers are quite important and interdependent, so updating is not an option in most cases. Only a few drivers could be updated without a full reinstall.

How can I make it the USB-C work for my 950 XL?
- Check this thread

Can I install the GPU drivers inside my 950 no-XL?
- No. Don't even try. It won't work.

My phone becomes too hot when I boot WoA. What's wrong with it? My battery is going to die soon!
- We know. It's a problem with power management. We're working on it.

I don't see the Boot Menu! Help me!
- It's a known issue when you update Windows 10 Mobile to the latest build available (the 1-2019 update). It will work after you have enabled Dual Boot.
- As a workaround, you can enter Mass Storage Mode by pressing [Volume Down] once and then, pressing the [Camera] button twice.
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Post by xerone.9 » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:35 am

I have installed win10 arm via this deployer but there is no dual boot option. As it is mentioned in the page "you can enable Dual Boot in literally 2 clicks". how to enable dual boot?
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Post by gnomomagico » Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:08 pm

Put the phone in Mass Storage mode with WP internals or through the UEFI then start WoA Deployer go to the Dual Boot tab and click Check status.
After that click on Enable dual boot or something similar and wait until the program says it's enabled (it may takes up to 10 minutes).
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Post by xerone.9 » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:15 am

Thanks, issue resolved.

dual boot tab check status option keep showing that dual boot is enabled in the phone but not working. The trick is to disable dual boot and the enable it again
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