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Post by Elbimster » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:19 pm

A couple suggestions from the donations thread.

First, at least on my computer, clicking the links to donate doesn't work. It appears to be going to a subpage of "" rather than paypal ( is the link next to Gus's donation page, for example). That should be an easy fix.

Second, I suspect the devs are losing donations in two different ways: Fees, and 6 different accounts.

I'm located in the US, and to donate through PayPal for everyone except Ben (also in the US) is a US$1 fee. If you're making a large donation, this isn't a big deal. If money's tight (I'm between jobs) and just wanna show support (I was going to donate US$1 to each dev) that's a difference maker. I suspect a lot of people see a fee to donate and just navigate away. Not the Dev's fault, but they're the ones who suffer for it.

The second way is a potential donor having to split their donation among 6 different accounts, with a separate fee for most of them (unless you're located in the same country as the dev, it appears) is turning off people from donating. I suspect people are asking How do you split? Is one person doing more of the work? They should get a bigger share, but which one?

I know human behavior and psychology. Every extra layer that a person has to go through reduces the likelihood of them doing a thing. An Amazon study found that just having to click 1 extra button reduced the likelihood of buying something by 20%. I suspect that a fair number of people have navigated to the Donations thread with intention to donate, and navigated away when they saw 6 separate accounts and didn't think it was worth splitting a small donation among 6 separate accounts themselves. The ones that didn't navigate away at that did so when they saw they had to pay as many as 6 different fees to donate.

Lazy? Yes.
Selfish? Yes.

But it happens, and it's costing the devs money. And I don't like seeing that happen to projects that matter to me.

Both of those (actually, all 3 issues above) could be solved by setting up a single donation account for the project that then gets split among all the developers. Even if there's a fee, it's easier for a donor to swallow a single US$1 (or local currency equivalent) fee than 6. As an added bonus, people might donate more! Someone might donate US$1 to each developer, but would round the donation up to US$10 for the project fund! This leads to more money for everyone!

Anyway, that's my thoughts on it. Do with them as you will! Thanks for the hard work of everyone involved!
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Re: Donations

Post by The_GTA » Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:30 pm

Thank you for your insight into this issue. Hopefully Lumiatic will get involved to fix the Donation Thread. Donations are very important because life is hard and people are just people that have emotional distress. Be real, money is the thing that counts the most, but the WoA developer community has proven to be both successful and imo rewarding your appreciation with enthusiasm.

Hoping to see you as an active member on
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Re: Donations

Post by Lumiatic » Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:36 am

Hello guys,

jep, there is something broken in the Dev's PayPal Donation Thread.
I will look to fix this soon!

EDIT: All Donation Links are now working as expected ;)

Best regards,
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