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Windows 10 Windows Update Services Tool (Ongoing WIP)

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Windows 10 Windows Update Services Tool (Ongoing WIP)

Post by Mrfloaty » Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:02 pm

Hope I posted in right Thread!

So I decided to make my first little script, it is used to Disable Windows Update or start it when needed.. handy because on my 950 XL I kept having Windows' Update Services hogging alot of the time
It was effort to manually go into services to disable "wuauserv" "bits" and use Regedit to disable "DoSvc". And then do the same to be able to use Microsoft Store to install Apps... especially on the Lumia's screen..

Because it's a work in progress there is an Option to disable 'Safe' Services, but that's Optional and just there because I am tinkering with making a more complete Services 'Toolbox'

Heres a screen of the menu:
main.PNG.png (10.93 KiB) Viewed 10902 times
I have uploaded the script to Github, and will post here the content of the script here later today so you guys can see it and give feedback!

Thanks all! ... ox?files=1
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