Notes from an happy 950 XL user

Hello all together,

after getting an Lumia 950 (at first) last year october for my small phone collection, i found your project – and i´ve just wanted to play around a little bit with that, after reflashing most of my old Android phones. It did work, so i thought to take the 950 XL, too, because of better working with WoA. In december your new driver just made me very happy – Continuum just works fine! With some apps i´m using it as a PC, for web browsing with the new chromium edge, mails, or for streaming some videos.

The funniest thing was, that my connected external DVD burner was installed correctly, and did read the medium. I did not burn a DVD until now, but i think this will work 


 . And with some problems on one day with my laptop and printing stuff via WiFi, i´ve plugged the printer onto the 950 XL, and had printed my documents in a moment. The old printer was found very fast, and did work.

I will wait if you will find out how to solve the cpu bug on the smaller Lumia 950, but i am satisfied with the results, too. You can be proud of what you´ve done. Sorry that i can´t help on all that. The 950 cpu driver in 2011 package switched to higher frequencies crashes very very often, i had to reflash it twice testing the feature, i was not able to switch back, before the phone did crash.


I´ve bought another 950 XL with broken glass, for using it instead of a tower pc, but the postal service did not deliver it to me. So i have to wait for more experiments, the 950 XL runs so well, i won´t reflash it now. I don´t have the money for buying an good XL phone with high price, so this has to wait.

Just want to say “thank you” for your hard work!



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